FOOD | Meet Hannah, Creator of NEAKITA and friend of SFT

FOOD | Meet Hannah, Creator of NEAKITA and friend of SFT

The Skin Food Talk community is filled with so many inspiring women who are taking over the wellness realm with their powerful intentions to make a difference. This week we want to introduce you to our dear friend who is part of this movement, Hannah Mills, the founder of NEAKITA. NEAKITA is a beautifully crafted tea company with loving intentions behind each blend. However, there is so much more to the story than just tea. Hannah has a background that dives a little deeper to help deliver an intention-driven ritual for yourself in each blend. We align so much with her values and have been enjoying her teas for a few years now (We CANNOT live with the Grace tea during that time of the month). We got a chance to sit down with the lovely Hannah recently to discuss her story and to hopefully inspire you to pursue your dreams and expand your self-care practice too!

SKIN | Beauty and Self Care workshop

At this point you have probably heard about or have gotten a chance to attend our signature workshop. Over the last two year our original signature workshop has continued to evolve because of the inspiration our attendees have given us. Because of all of your questions we have decided to keep the conversation going and continue to create new educational workshop. The SFT beauty and self care workshop came about in the spring of 2016 with the theme of spring cleaning on our minds. Declutter your life and scale back to basics to set yourself up right. But when thinking about all the beauty products we accumulate over time we can start to lose our sense of why we were inspired to purchase that product to begin with. Whether it was a recommendation of your esthetician or favorite beauty blogger, are you using this product just because? We want to change that mindset and help you tune into why you choose the products you choose. Tuning into your intuition when picking out your skincare will help you get to the root of your concerns and also give you an opportunity to connect with yourself.

TALK | Barriers and Boundaries

Over the last two weeks, we have discussed the physical manifestations of being an environmentally affected individual. Whether you are struggling with your skin or nutrition, the common theme for those struggling with these sensitivities is a weakened barrier. But what if there was more than just the physical symptoms in this category. This week we want to dive into the emotional aspect of being environmentally affected. Whether you are conscious of it or not there are often times a barrier that we set ourselves up with given our environment. It can be a strong one while you’re shuffling through a crowd or you could feel completely barrier free with your closest friends. Either way, we set ourselves up with this type of defense mechanism depending on our comfort zone in each environment. What if you found yourself having a difficult time establishing the boundary you wanted? Or what if you don’t know the type of boundaries you are capable of setting? This week we want to help you discover the ways to determine what you need by simply tuning into your inner voice. Here are some tools to help you uncover the barrier and establish healthy boundaries.

FOOD | Environmentally Affected

The SFT team is made up of LA transplants hailing from all over the country and Canada. We’ve all at one point or another experienced skin effects thanks to our new city, change of climate and the occasional travel. In last week's post, we started to shed some insight on why your skin responds in those environmental changes and how to topically address the imbalances. This week we want to turn our focus on what to do internally to help treat and prevent future flare ups due. It’s important to note that while you may do everything correctly, sometimes things just come out on the skin. And that’s okay because it is a sign that the body is working for you! It’s a way for your body to communicate to you where to add in some more support or that the support is working. So let’s get into what that support looks like...