Skin Food Talk

Skin Food Talk is an educational platform on how to glow from the inside out. Teaching you how to use your skin as a tool to understand what your body needs and is communicating with you. Blemishes, acne, lines, or other are all signs of good health, poor health, or lack. One should not be ashamed of whats happening on the skin but empowered! Use your skin to better understand what your organs and body need, we will teach you the tools and offer the support to do this. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and we've all been guilty of buying lotions and potions to achieve perfect skin, at SFT we want to give you an insiders perspective on whats happening for the inside out. Honoring and guiding each individual through customized holistic practices for skin, nutrition and self care. We encourage and welcome those looking for support through our  journal, events and education.


Meet our Founder

Tara Curran

A holistic nutritionist and skin expert, Tara is registered with the drugless practitioners of America. Tara has worked with clients one on one, hosted workshops between NYC and LA and curated wellness programs for hotels such as The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY and Morgans group hotels. It is her mission to guide others on how to become their own intuitive coaches, through nutrition and skin education. 

SFT has held over 22 events since it's conception....Here are a few places we've been. 

Soho House, Los Angeles.  Free People Escape to Todos Santos.  Bandier Studio B, NYC. The Surf Lodge, Montauk. Wanderlust Hollywood, Los Angeles.  Alo Yoga, Los Angeles. Renew Juicery, Culver City, Los Angeles.  The Detox Market, Los Angeles.  Safari Outpost, Malibu. WMN Space, Los Angeles. WRKSPC OASIS, Venice. Free People Headquarters, Philadelphia PA. Free People SOHO. Idyllwild Academy of Arts, Idyllwild. Sweatheory, Los Angeles.