TALK | Water Quality

A must for glowing skin and good digestion, we’ve all heard about the importance of drinking water and the requisite 8 glasses a day. You might remember learning that the body is made up of about 60% water, or that the body can only survive for a few days without water. From curing headaches and muscle cramps, to regulating body temperature through sweat, water is integral to our survival and important for looking and feeling our best.

FOOD | Water rich foods

We mentioned in our Skin post last week that seasons can be related to elements and summer definitely makes us think of h2o! Whether we are emerging our bodies in water or gulping it down it’s a necessity can be the missing link to achieving hydrated skin along with our layered skincare approach. There are more ways to stay hydrated then just drinking water, although that is one of the most important ways to health and balanced living. Even if it feels boring you can find a favorable water bottle to carry around for a constant reminder to drink up. Knowing all the ways to stay hydrated and cool during the summer can also be an optimal to achieve healthy skin that properly releases toxins, stays flush and plump. Here are a few of the SFT favorite foods and supplements to keep hydrated and beat dehydration.

SKIN | Hydration Routine

With each season there is an element that is typically associated with our overall care. Spring is airy while winter feels earthy but summer is all about the water element. Whether it’s our call to beach or the endless amounts of water we consume to stay hydrated, water is the goal. Our skin gets to show off so many of it’s incredible functions during this season by fighting off sunburns, releasing sweat to stay cool and turn over quickly to stay smooth. One of the most confusing parts of our skincare during this time is the hydration concern. Most of us are drinking so much water yet we still can’t seem to feel hydrated. It’s time to talk about the water components in our skincare so we can feel supported during this time and shift our attention to having fun before that back to school feeling takes over.

TALK | Resources for transparency

A huge reason SFT has dedicated our platform of transparent education on not only how to empower you on how to heal yourself from the inside out is but also because of the environmental impact that the alternative has on our earth. We don’t believe in excess of processed foods and cheap conventional skincare because they have a direct impact on our carbon footprint as a nation. Everything from the sourcing and manufacturing of mass produced ingredients to where these products end up after use is something you deserve to know about. The SFT team compiled a small list of some of our resources for transparency to share with you today. This way you can continue to gain the knowledge to make the most mindful choices and also help you feel your best.

FOOD | Sustainability in your diet

On average, each person in the US produces about 4.4 pounds of trash each day, accumulating about 1600 pounds of trash per person each year. That is a lot of waste! While there are many potential sources of waste, food  packaging and food waste contribute to a large part of what’s in our trash cans each day. Last week, we focused on sustainability in skincare. This week, we’ll be sharing some tips on making earth-friendly choices with your food and diet.

SKIN | Sustainability in your skincare

Every year there comes a time to shed extra weight that may no longer be serving us. Whether it’s those extra winter pounds, a spring clean of your home or simply just minimizing the clutter of your life. Whenever we look around at all the extra stuff it’s common to think “how did I accumulate all of this?”. In our modern day of monthly subscription boxes, amazon prime and and postmates, it’s really easy to see how this excess stuff piles up since it’s insanely accessible. For every package comes the extra wrapping, cardboard and plastic - most of which is often thrown out or mistakenly recycled incorrectly. Some may think that sustainability goes hand in hand with green beauty but the truth is that in order to create products that can reach the demands of the beauty world, companies often have to cut corners. The good nature behind creating a "green"product is often overshadowed by production cost and regulations on how to preserve or contain certain materials. This isn’t to create fear or feel as though anyone has even falsely claimed anything about their products, however there are some consumer ideologies that have yet to shift regardless of the green beauty revolution. Today we want to dive into the big picture and help you make a few small shifts that will generate a bigger impact overtime. Here are the SFT tips for sustainability in your skincare:

TALK | Burnout

The last two weeks we’ve explored how to protect ourselves from sunburn through proper SPF and skincare and internal SPF through food and nutrients. This week we’re looking at a different kind of burn which comes, not from too much sun, but from too much stress: burnout.

 Burnout is a result of chronic stress and can cause a physical or mental collapse, or a complete shut down. Essentially, burnout is when you push yourself to the point where you literally can't even. But when we are all stressed and busy, how do you know if it’s burnout?

FOOD | Internal SPF by SFT

Last week we spoke on the importance of SPF and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. We don't want this topic to become a fear based issue but rather where you feel confident that you are set up for fun in the sun success. There are actually tons of benefits and reasons why you should enjoy sometime outdoors this summer. For instance, vitamin D naturally taken in from the sun can help boost our moods, regulate sleep, and can help prevent certain diseases. So let’s continue our conversation on how to protect ourselves, nourish and support our bodies to feel our best this summer.