FOOD | Internal SPF by SFT

Last week we spoke on the importance of SPF and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. We don't want this topic to become a fear based issue but rather where you feel confident that you are set up for fun in the sun success. There are actually tons of benefits and reasons why you should enjoy sometime outdoors this summer. For instance, vitamin D naturally taken in from the sun can help boost our moods, regulate sleep, and can help prevent certain diseases. So let’s continue our conversation on how to protect ourselves, nourish and support our bodies to feel our best this summer.  

SKIN | Summer Solstice Suncare

It’s that magical time of year again! Summer solstice marks the official beginning of summer with longer days wrapped up with warm weather and while our social calendars filling up quickly it can be easy to forget that this season shift can affect our health if we aren’t properly equipped. Our first indication that summer has hit often times comes in the form of a sunburn. We think that we know better after countless years of farmers tans and awkwardly placed sunburns however with our busy schedules sun protection isn’t always at the forefront of our mind. So today we want to bring up some simple ways to help better prepare you from the sun’s UV rays so you can fully enjoy the benefits of our most beloved natural vitamin D source. 

TALK | Meet Jessi

We are so excited to announce that Skin Food Talk officially has a new team member; JESSI! Jessi is a health coach turned esthetician, with a passion for skin care, nutrition, and whole body health. With a background in health education, and specializing in holistic nutrition since 2010, her own experiences with acne and rosacea led her to explore a wider concept of skin care including food, beauty products, and self-care.  She believes in approaching a healthy lifestyle and beautiful, glowing skin with an "inside-out" perspective: pairing diet and emotional well-being with stellar, non-toxic skin care. We are so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, quick wit and infectious laugh. 

We wanted to take the opportunity for you to get to know her a little more and so we asked her a little bit about herself. 

TALK | Labels

Labels don’t only apply to the products we use. Over the last two weeks the SFT journal has offered up some advice on what to stay aware of while choosing your food and skincare. But labels can go beyond a list of ingredients, and many of us, whether we realize it or not, may also see ourselves through a lens of labels.

Similar to the way that companies use labels and claims to sell us on all the things we need from a certain product, our culture has sold us on some labels that we may use to classify ourselves. The beauty industry is a billion dollar market that thrives on the belief that we are flawed: that we have “bad skin” and using these products or following certain tips will give us “good skin.” Or that we need an arsenal of heavy duty anti-aging products so we never look “old.”

FOOD | How to read food labels

Today we want to educate you on 3 SFT tips for reading food labels so you can feel confident at your next grocery stop or food outing. After all, Skin Food Talk wants to empower you with the education you need to better yourself without having to limit your choices - we just want you to feel comfortable and nutritionally satisfied with every meal. To follow up from last week’s SKIN post on the importance of reading labels we wanted to take the time to focus on the often overlooked food label tricks and traps. Understanding ingredients on food labels, confusing buzzy phrases like “gluten free” and “organic” and knowing where exactly your food comes from can be very tricky. Just like the beauty industry it’s easy for companies to market in a shameful and misleading manner. So here are our top 3 tips to stay informed while reading food labels:

SKIN | The importance of reading labels and how

If you’re reading this chances are you have a bit of an interest in your skin’s health. You may even identify yourself as a skincare junkie. Whether or not that’s the case you’ve probably found yourself in the skincare aisle of a store trying to decipher what “Polymethyl Methacrylate” or “Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate” is? It can be pretty disheartening sometimes when you’re simply trying to pick a cleanser but with the latest wave of non-toxic and transparency conscious skincare lines coming into the mainstream, you can finally start understanding what you are putting on your skin. So where do you start?

TALK | Skin Food Talk's Signature Workshop

Skin Food Talk is an empowering educational health platform on how to get glowing from the inside out. The Skin Food Talk conversation on health and beauty started a little over 2 years ago when holistic nutritionist, Tara and medically trained esthetician, Hayley started asking each other advice on different cases they were working on in their respective practices. Discovering how each skin condition was connected to an internal imbalance that can be corrected through food and self care was the lightbulb moment. Through that initial dialogue the concept for the signature SFT workshop was born. The signature workshop was designed to use your skin as a guide to what is going on internally and what you need to achieve your best health. The SFT’s insider perspective includes a collective 28 years of experience in beauty, nutrition and health coaching with a passion of education.

FOOD | My Food Journey by Tara

Growing up you could say I lived in a typical american family. School lunches consisted of PB&J’s, potato chips or a little debbie snack and a piece of fruit. And then dinners homemade by mom or dad, something like bbq chicken, or pasta. I was always very tall for my age and criticized for being too skinny. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight. And then when puberty hit, I was struck with terrible, painful and embarrassing acne. To the point where I didn’t want to go to school and always left the house with way too much concealer on.