SKIN | Well Balanced

When writing the signature workshop almost 2 years ago we decided that there were four major categories of health that most people seem to identify with. The first 3 categories we have covered in the journal over the last several weeks. These include environmentally affected, hormonally affected, and gut imbalanced. Today we are going to navigate the theme of being well balanced. After reading all of the SFT categories some of you may be thinking “I don’t really fit with an imbalance?” and that’s we the 4th category is a focus on preventative care. To be well balanced can mean a lot of things such as you may not notice any symptoms but don’t go out of your way to be extra healthy. Or you could be the type who is very well aware of your body and it's needed so you do your best to navigate all areas of health. Either way, this category is a great outline for anyone looking to continue their wellness journey because it encompasses the full mind, body, spirit approach to balance. With our preventative care and intuitive practices, this category can help you transition through the ebb and flow of life with grace and a glow!

Many people are lucky enough to not experience a skin condition throughout their lifetime which is such a wonderful blessing. That is until the inevitable happens which is also a process called aging. The word “aging” has turned so taboo in the beauty industry because someone a long time ago decided that adding the word “anti” in front of it could scare enough people to purchase products. Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as anti-aging (think about it literally here - doesn’t that basically mean “not alive”?), but that doesn’t mean that we’re all doomed either. There is such a thing as aging gracefully without the help of supermodel genetics. A well-balanced lifestyle is one that considers mind, body, and spirit so that each lifestyle habit is connected. So if you are eating a healthy diet, it isn’t just for your physical body, it’s for your overall health and part of the whole package. Mindfulness is a huge part of the process here so taking away shameful marketing terms like “anti-aging” or “problem skin” is a necessary part of the conversation.

If someone has never had to worry about skin issues they may get to the point where their skin changes and they are left feeling lost in how to transition from rare or no care to a full-fledged routine. This means that those with imbalances actually get to learn routine and maintenance in order to train the skin accordingly, so that’s a blessing in itself as well. So what is preventative care for skin? Let’s break it down:

1 - Sun protection. If you really want to watch your skin you want to make sure you are protecting yourself from the sun. The way your skin responds to the sun is an indicator of how balanced you are internally so keep in mind that protection can work from the inside out. We touch about sun care in this previous post so make sure to review each note on how to maintain best practices. 

2 - Seasonal Changes. Like your food, it is important to check in with yourself seasonally so you can start to change up your routine. Your skin requires different care as you transition into different seasons because of the environmental differences and also because of your intake of different food nutrients changes. Check in with yourself about once a quarter to see what products need to be revamped or stay the same.

3 - Antioxidant use. Skin basics certainly include a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer but the goods can be found within your serum. This step is the superfood for your skin. For best care most of us require the benefits of antioxidants rich in Vitamins C, E, A etc. We touch on this topic with our product combination post but it's also important to understand that the antioxidants you intake and apply topically are a necessary part of your daily protection from free radicals. All free radicals want to take away important components of your cells which can weaken our skin's ability to self-heal and protect itself. A boost of daily antioxidants will keep your skin it's healthiest for a long time.

4 - Maintenance work. It takes a village regardless of age to keep up with your whole health so getting treatments done is essential to that maintenance car. Think of it as a tune-up for your car, you can either do the minimum and just get by or you can invest in it and have it run wonderfully for years. Maintenance work includes everything from facials, dermatology check-ins, acupuncture, etc. It's also nice to have a professional share their opinion on how to tweak your daily care because they can help you optimize your skin's health. 

Next week we will be discussing the ways to stay well-balanced in our diet while navigating the flow of this crazy life. We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks on daily skin care for a well-balanced individual. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.