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Wrapping up our conversation on our SFT category of gut imbalanced wouldn’t be complete without diving into the emotional tendencies of the individuals who identify with this category. In our SKIN post, we discussed how our gut is very much an active part of our nervous system and the skin can be a be communicator of what is actually going on when we silence our daily gut signals. It’s very easy to be disconnected from your own body and what it is trying to communicate to you because most of us are not taught that:  

1 - the body is working very hard for us in its communication


2 - All of the systems in our body are working with each other and talking to each other (we are actually thought that but for most of us, it doesn’t stick).

The connections are endless which leads us to what can happen emotionally when you really disconnect with your gut. When we talk about our gut we not only think about our digestion but also our intuition. That “gut feeling” is profound in us, but some of us with actual gut issues can feel really disconnected from our intuition in times of need. When your intuition is off it can lead to a lot of hasty, regretful, or confused decisions. We want to discuss some common traits and helpful practices to get you back to feeling your most in tune.

Turn to trust. Trusting ourselves and our bodies can be difficult when we feel like it is working against us however if you want to get to a point in which you start to heal you must start to work on finding that trust again. Great ways to do this would be through breathwork, whether it’s in the form of a therapeutic session or in yoga. Breathing can help you tune back into a place of stillness where the cloudiness of our thoughts finally starts to dissipate.

Don’t rush it. It’s very easy to get hasty when dealing with a condition related to an imbalanced gut. For example, an imbalanced gut can feel like all of the inflammatory skin conditions combined that the quick fix of product use can’t address. Instead of insisting on trying all of the different trends and techniques to make you feel better you have to start by shifting your mindset. Simplifying everything in your life will help you find that patience you need to fully recover whether it takes a few weeks, months, or years. Your body is working through a lot so allowing it to reset itself will take time. There are unfortunately no quick fixes here.

Surrender to the shifts. Inevitably you will shift through what you are experiencing but sometimes we feel like if we just hold onto control for just a little longer we might be able to solve our problem ourselves. Surrendering to your experience will help you learn something new about yourself and shift into the person you are supposed to become. Holding onto old patterns means holding on to old roadblocks, so let yourself experience the change you need to grow and heal. Letting go frees up a lot of your energy to just be you again too, and not someone who is in constant turmoil.

We hope this resonates with you and helps you connect the dots on how to root back to a healthy digestion all the while having a peaceful mindset about it all. Having an imbalance is just a part of life and with the right self-care, you can truly grow from the experience itself. If you have any questions on the imbalanced gut category of health please comment below.