TALK | Welcome to the Skin Food Talk blog

Skin Food Talk began as an idea between two new friends at a crossroads in their careers who were settling into a new city, Los Angeles. I met Tara while working as assistant manager at the Detox Market where she had picked up a part time gig there as well. We were positioned to be the “skin expert” and “nutrition expert” which led us to get into real talk discussions as to how we came about in our respective careers. We determined that there was such a lack in education and a ton of misinformation when it came to basic holistic care for our skin and nutrition. We thought that hosting a Q&A and consultation based event would be perfect to get the information out there. Somehow the timing wasn’t right so we continued to work with each other on our individual practices. I would ask Tara what she thought of a certain supplement and she would ask me to help her friends with skin issues. This is where our partnership really started to form as our care for our clients had reached another level of support.

The idea of putting an event together was shelved for over a year until we were approached with the opportunity to put on a short workshop at Soho House in West Hollywood. The incredible reception of our first event was so inspiring that we decided to take our talk everywhere. From LA to New York we have hosted a dozen events with completely different audiences. Each event would confirm our initial theory about how people deserve more accurate information on their skin and nutrition care.

It’s easy to call ourselves “Skin Food” because we are clearly skin and nutrition experts but the “Talk” portion of our business is just as important. We want to dive into conversations that are often uncomfortable to have or not discussed at all. Anything from the lack of transparency in our beauty and food industries, the misinformed and old school education on our bodies and hormones, environmental and other worldly issues we want to shed light on. The conversations we’ve been having with each other are going to become a starting point of dialogue with you, our incredible audience.

So stay tuned for more on skincare, nutrition and health conversations with our blog! If there is any topic you are interested in that you’d like for us to discuss please email us at We are so excited to dive into this conversation with you and hope you enjoy our take on everything.

Until next time, with love and gratitude,