FOOD | Create a healthy relationship with food

When it comes to food our philosophy at S/F/T is this: Tune into your body, eat a diet rich in real whole foods, and enjoy + savor your meals. After all food is meant to be celebrated and treated as fuel to live an optimal life! Now we totally get that old patterns can get in the way of our relationship with food and our lifestyles may complicate things but we have tools to help you navigate the ups and downs and we want to offer you our full support!



Three ways to create a healthy relationship with food:


Know what you’re eating

Do you ever stop and look at the ingredients of the packaged food you're buying or inquire at the restaurant where they source their ingredients? Knowing what we are putting in our mouths is the first step to getting conscious and tuning in. If a label has more than a handful of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, chances are there is more harm than good in what you're about to buy. And if you are eating out for most of your meals and don’t know where the restaurants are sourcing their meat, fish, or vegetables you could be unintentionally be adding in hormones, GMO, pesticides and more into your diet. This can lead to hormonal and digestive issues, a weakened immune systems and excess inflammation. So become a food detective when you are at the grocery store or farmer's market and start asking more questions when you go out to restaurants. We also like to do our homework before we go out to eat and find places that are farm to table or list where they source from. It takes a little bit more effort but can make a big difference in the long run.

For more help on reading labels and knowing what's good or bad we suggest downloading the app EWG Food scores or check the website. And for finding the best restaurants check out it has guides for tons of cities!


Food journal

What have you eaten today? And how do you feel? A great tool that has helped both Hayley and I and several clients is a technique called food journaling. Sounds simple, right? It is! Writing down what you are eating each day and what you feel inside and out can help you identify what your body likes and/or dislikes, what makes you energized or sluggish, maybe upsets your stomach or causes your skin to heat up or itch. Or you may notice that you tend to cope with emotion or stress with food or not eat because of the same reasons. This is a very powerful tool and we encourage you to give it a try for 21 days and see what you notice.


Cook at home

Now don’t write this one off just yet, we are speaking to all our busy bee ladies out there! And yes, we get it! We’ve heard all the excuses for not cooking a meal at home and come up with them all ourselves but honestly this is one of the most important steps in leading you to balanced and healthy life. It also can be so simple and faster then waiting for your postmate delivery ; )

Pick a meal that you can commit to like breakfast or taking your own lunch to work. The meal can be as simple as a homemade blended smoothie, a salad with a whole grain or a homemade soup.  It does not have to be complicated it just has to be made with ingredients you can pronounce and with your own two hands. You may enjoy our E book  Edition 1 - Honor, for easy and quick recipes you can make breakfast, lunch or dinner.

These are all tools we have tried and tested and we would love to hear some of your favorites for a healthy approach to food and overall well being!