TALK | A Green Beauty makeup Q&A with Skin Food Talk

If you've attended the Skin Food Talk signature workshop or have followed us on social media you definitely have heard us talk about our love of green beauty. We wanted to take the opportunity to break down and give a little insight as to why it's so important to us. Today we are going to focus on why we switched our makeup over to natural and why we love it. If you have any questions, comment below to keep the conversation going. So what better question to start with then...

...What is Green Beauty?

Tara - Green Beauty to me means non toxic ingredients you can put on your skin to enhance your natural features. Products that make you feel good and are doing good for your skin. 

Hayley - As an esthetician I take my products very seriously. If I can’t explain every ingredient to someone and how it will work on their skin then I don’t want to use it. Green beauty is the world of clean, sustainable and conscious ingredients with everything from household items to skincare products. The movement of green beauty is inclusive and educational for everyone to benefit from natural ingredients. Green beauty makeup is now just as gorgeous as any other brand, plus it's actually good for your skin. 

When did you discover Green Beauty makeup?

T - In my early 20’s I had started to become conscious of harmful toxins in everyday products. I would buy tarte mascara from Sephora and Josie Maran products. A full shift happened though when I went back to school for Nutrition I found an aesthetician in NYC who used only natural products and carried the line Eminence. I started using the tinted moisturizer and seeking out to find the cleanest “green beauty”. My makeup kit has been loaded with only green beauty products ever since!

H - I’ve been a product junkie ever since I was a preteen but it wasn’t until I went to school for esthetics that I truly started looking at where ingredients were being sourced. My eyes have always been really sensitive so switching to natural mascara was my first venture into it. I immediately found relief and didn't dread it anymore. I go between W3ll People and Lily Lolo. From there I started playing with my other staples like red lipstick and highlighter and next thing I knew, I was fully natural in my makeup bag!

How do you start your transition to Green Beauty? 

T - One product at a time. When I would run out of a traditional concealer or mascara I would make the switch to a brand that was all natural. 

H - Same as Tara, I started with what I ran out with first and took the time to sample products first. Green beauty makeup, in my opinion, is so much easier to apply and keep up with but it is different than traditional, conventional brands. If I didn't try certain products first, I may not have loved the wear long term. 

Why is Green Beauty important to you?

T - For me green beauty makeup is one of the most important things in your day to day to keep clean (next to your skin care). You’re putting these products on your skin that absorbs everything, it’s going on and around your eyes, nose and on your lips everyday. Over time that begins to really add up and unfortunately conventional make up has toxins that are proven to be endocrine disruptors (affecting our monthly cycles) and also are known carcinogens. Not to mention natural ingredients are what our bodies crave! You can actually improve your skin and eliminate the need for “anti aging” this and that by using nourishing products on the daily. 

H -  Green beauty is conscious of sustainability and fair trade resources plus it comes from the heart. I used all green beauty makeup at my wedding where I got so many compliments. The ingredients in the formulas I used nourished my skin and kept my glowing all day. I'd rather use products that add to my skin's health instead of suffocate it. 

Where can you find it?

T - We are seeing a lot of great stores and brands starting to carry “green beauty” products. I love RMS, Lily Lolo, W3LL People, Ilia to name just a few. I typically find these products at CAP Beauty, Free People, or The Detox Market

H - I find that once you start to open yourself up to something you are looking for it will start to come to you. As soon as I started to educate myself on the different brands that I was looking into then I started seeing the retail spaces that carried them. A lot of different places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are starting to introduce a few lines that are cleaner but I also believe in supporting companies directly so I often shop directly from the brands I like. My favorites are W3ll People, Lily Lolo, Ilia and Ritual De Fille. 

Overall best advice to newbies?

T - Try switching to green beauty one item at a time, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a lot of brands that will let you sample colors and products so you can see what you do best with. And do your homework, at S/F/T we like to recommend people use or the Think Dirty app to check just how clean a product really is. 

H - Ask questions! All brands are excited to educate you on why their products can work for you so don’t give up if something doesn’t feel right immediately. Your body needs to adapt to new ingredients and also detoxify from the previous chemicals you were using. Take it slow and know that you have a very helpful and educated community to support your journey into green beauty. For great tips and tricks I love following green beauty makeup mavens Katey Denno and Rebecca Casciano for inspo! 

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or tips and tricks on green beauty makeup, be sure to comment below! 

xo - T+H