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"How to glow from the inside out"

 The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and we've all been guilty of buying lotions and potions to achieve the "perfect" glow. But what if you knew and understood how your skin is communicating with you? And then how to use that knowledge to improve your skin from the inside out, and make educated, intuitive decisions when buying skin care. That is the SFT mission and drive behind our signature workshop. The workshop begins with a quiz to learn where  you land on the spectrum of health in the present moment. The questions ask everything from your stress, sleep, food cravings and overall goals in health (similar to an intake form with a nutritionist). With each question, there are 4 multiple choice answers to pick from which all relate to a certain category of health. So once you’ve taken the quiz and tallied up your multiple choice answers, it’s easy to see if you identify with one particular group or if you are all over the board. The best part is that there is no right or wrong answer as you get to learn about each category.

The four most common categories that SFT identifies in their quiz results include environmentally affected, hormonally affected, digestive imbalanced and well balanced. Each of these correlates to a different face map. Traditional face maps from Eastern Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic practices can feel a little overwhelming to look at because each section of the face represents a different organ. Unless you are a professional it can overwhelm you or unintentionally misinform you. Breaking the face maps down by each of their respective categories makes it easier to understand what the internal imbalances actually are. For example, a common environmentally affected area on the skin would be the center of the eyebrows which typically correlates to the liver. Because your liver is a detoxification organ it may experience stagnation and stress due to pollution or other environmental triggers. This can show up on the skin due to a compromised barrier, as dry, itchy and/or inflamed skin. If you are experiencing liver imbalance due to hormonal fluctuations you may experience the same center of the eyebrow imbalance but instead, it is coming out in little infections on the skin.  This knowledge allows you to look into your internal health and start healing the imbalance at the root of the issue.

our attendees taking notes on each category

our attendees taking notes on each category

That’s where nutrition and self care play a huge role! The conversation continues with comprehensive yet attainable advice for each of these categories that doesn’t require you to break the bank or change your entire lifestyle. To come back to the example of liver imbalance for environmentally affected skin, a simple addition of liver supporting herbs and foods may change everything. The advice is all tried and true based on years of success with the SFT founders clientele. Discovering how your skin reflects your internal health is the most empowering tool for anyone because there is no shaming involved. The SFT mission is the shift the narrative into how each imbalance is a signal from your body telling you exactly what you need. All you need to do is simply tune in.

Reinventing the wheel on how to view health and one's ability to self-heal. With 22+ events and hundreds of attendees so far, the conversation is just getting started. Skin Food Talk has traveled to New York CIty, Montauk, all over the Los Angeles area and even Todos Santo, Mexico. Each attendee has been a valuable part of shaping the direction of where SFT is going. Each individual represents the need for customized care that inspired this workshop, to begin with. We hope to see you at the next event so stay tuned for more to come.