SKIN | Why you're not just a "type"

photo by  Jillian Guyette

The skincare industry is a funny business. As our skin conditions have grown more inflamed over the last few decades it’s becoming harder to identify what our skin needs with just our “type” anymore. Our skin type is the skin we were born with and are predisposed to. This includes dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. With so much sensitizing us it’s become increasingly difficult to properly diagnose ourselves anymore. With the current stream of marketing from the skincare industry we are so boxed into shameful labelling that if we experience something from an internal trigger we can be led to treating our skin in a much different and potentially harmful way. Case in point, if you are experiencing breakout-like symptoms that is actually an infected reaction to a food allergy or prescription drug, you may not realize it until you’ve scrubbed your skin raw. The truth is you are more than just your “type”, you are a completely unique individual that deserves the absolute best customized care meant to empower you and helps you tune in. Here are some ways to start shifting your view as to how to treat your skin without falling to the commonly mislabeled skin “type”.

1 - Your skin is always evolving. As your largest living organ it’s easy to not realize the subtleties of its evolution until one day a problem shows up. The truth is that the lifespan of a skin issue is typically not overnight. Unless you are having a histamine reaction but even then, that can take a few hours to really show up. Daily health conscious choices for mind, body and soul play an important part to how your skin evolves with you so you can age gracefully. Skincare products with the promise of “anti-aging” are often unintentionally triggering a fear in us that we are not suppose to grow old. The truth is that we age every minute of everyday and it’s a gift to get the opportunity. What we want is the opportunity to do this in a graceful and shameless way. Just like your diet and exercise it’s important to maintain a healthy routine of frequency and consistency. If you continuously work out and eat well, your body will start to show the benefits of that work. Your skin may not ever look how it did when you were a teenager again but that’s okay. The way we grow into this organ and it evolves with us as we care for it makes it beautiful in it’s own very unique way.

2 - Each area of your skin represents a different ecosystem. It’s easy to look at our face as a whole and assume that each area can should be treated in the same way. The truth is that skincare companies have developed different products for the eyes, lips and neck for a reason because the skin in those areas are more obviously different. When we take the time to cleanse our skin and slowly feel all of the areas of our skin, we are bound to find a little dry patch here and a little rough spot there. Tuning into the different textures and senses on our skin helps us decide how we want to care for it. Perhaps instead of doing a mask all over we may just want to treat the areas of concern. This form of skin care is so much more valuable towards achieving your health goals because you get to work every area individually. 

3 - Take a step back and try to identify what may have changed. Simple shifts in our day to day can eventually led to a skin reaction. If you recently moved, started eating a little differently or finished a stressful project at work - all of these can create a small enough change in our body to reflect on our skin. Our skin is a window into our internal health so it’s normal to initially get upset with a simple skin imbalance, but using that imbalance to get to the root of the problem can be quite empowering. Instead of reaching for a harsh skincare product, try to reach for your journal and write down what’s on your mind. Journalling is a powerful tool that can help us get to the subconscious layer of what we are going through. Once we ignore or miss all the other signals our body is giving us, it will most likely end up on the skin in someway shape or form. Use this skin signal as an opportunity to take a few steps back and discover the root of the issue. We live in an ever evolving society of change so it’s very normal for us to forget how our body needs a little recoup after some changes. And remember; don’t sweat it! You are human but you deserve to destress so you can find some harmony again.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and have a beautiful day! - xo - Hayley