TALK | Meet Jessi

We are so excited to announce that Skin Food Talk officially has a new team member; JESSI! Jessi is a health coach turned esthetician, with a passion for skin care, nutrition, and whole body health. With a background in health education, and specializing in holistic nutrition since 2010, her own experiences with acne and rosacea led her to explore a wider concept of skin care including food, beauty products, and self-care.  She believes in approaching a healthy lifestyle and beautiful, glowing skin with an "inside-out" perspective: pairing diet and emotional well-being with stellar, non-toxic skin care. We are so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, quick wit and infectious laugh. 

We wanted to take the opportunity for you to get to know her a little more and so we asked her a little bit about herself. 

the SFT team - Jessi, Tara and Hayley photo by @taylornsouza

the SFT team - Jessi, Tara and Hayley

photo by @taylornsouza

Meet Jessi


Licensed esthetician, holistic nutritionist, Functional Medicine Coaching Candidate, and therapeutic skin coach in training! 


I’m a Scorpio, which surprises a lot of people! I’ve been told I read more as a Libra, my rising sign. But I do have some distinctive Scorpio qualities, and I’m fiercely loyal to my people.   

Spirit Animal:

Otter. I'm hard-working, playful, and sweet. And I love to hold hands.  

Food you can’t live without:

My freezer is always stocked with organic frozen fruits and veggies. I keep them on hand to throw in smoothies, stir fries, or fall back on if my fresh produce supply is running low. And I cannot tell a lie, I love a good taco! 

Favorite Potion:

I tried to create a copy cat of Moon Juice dusts, so I throw a mix of mushrooms and adaptogens and antioxidants like Goji and schisandra berry into my coffee and occasional smoothies.  


This is a testament to how long I’ve been in LA now, but the mantra I probably repeat to myself most often is, “I find parking with ease.” Haha! It helps me keep calm when I’m driving. Another mantra I repeat often is, “I am enough.” 

Philosophy for health:

Health is personal and individual. What works for one person may not work for another. Focus on eating whole foods, regular movement/exercise, and getting enough sleep and you’re on a great track. Experiment to find what is right for you and, most importantly, don’t stress about it too much!

Skin care routine:

My skin can get red and reactive so I am all about simple, calming products and lots of hydration. I cleanse with the Osea Cleansing Milk, followed by a spritz of rose water to prep for a serum, I’m currently trying out  The Ordinary Niacinamide. Then I spritz again and gently pat on a nice oil like the Laurel Anti-inflammatory serum. Spritz again and moisturize with Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream and follow with Pratima sunscreen (am) or I use Osea Advanced Protection Cream (pm) before bed. 

Fav self care practices:

I tend to over-extend myself (holler if you hear me), so at least one Saturday a month I try to let myself sleep in and stay in bed as long as I want. I love to spend a long morning in bed reading and snuggling with my cat, Fran. Getting out of town for an afternoon hike in Malibu always refreshes and inspires me.

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for Jessi journal posts and collaborations on events. xo