TALK | Resources for transparency

A huge reason SFT has dedicated our platform of transparent education on not only how to empower you on how to heal yourself from the inside out is but also because of the environmental impact that the alternative has on our earth. We don’t believe in excess of processed foods and cheap conventional skincare because they have a direct impact on our carbon footprint as a nation. Everything from the sourcing and manufacturing of mass produced ingredients to where these products end up after use is something you deserve to know about. The SFT team compiled a small list of some of our resources for transparency to share with you today. This way you can continue to gain the knowledge to make the most mindful choices and also help you feel your best.


Sustainable documentary - "I found this documentary like most films I watch - when I was trying to find something to watch on Netflix. I fall for buzzwords all the time that trigger my interest on environmental protection but I was really thrilled of the approach of this film. They specifically focus on how agriculture in the United States has changed and why by interviewing everyone from US farmers, Wheat historians (trust me - it’s fascinating) and an incredible sourdough baker in Chicago. This film convinced me to sign up for my CSA box the very next day."

The Human Experience - "This film is long and a tear jerker but worth the entire watch. I had to pause it and come back for the second half at a later time because it covers the entire human experience and how it is affected by harmful toxins in our daily lives. There are a lot of stories they are able to shed light on that are so common. Especially in terms of the hormone disruptors we unknowingly are exposed to and what that can do to our fertility and overall hormone balance."

Before the flood - "You can watch this film on National Geographic’s website for free and I have watched it about 3 times now. This film is hosted by Leonardo Dicaprio and has been about a decade in the making. There are so many solutions listed in this film including basic food choices that can help make an environmental impact. It also sheds light on the worldly view on climate change. I signed up for a carbon tax and determined my total carbon footprint from the resources of this film."


Eat Pretty - "This is very much a book that represents the Skin Food Talk conversation. It was one of the first books that initiated the thought that your skin can be treated by what you put within. I think it also is so important because it doesn't shame you on what you are already doing, it just inspires you to create different yummy meals that also benefit your skin. When you start to use whole foods in general, your entire health improves and the added bonus is less waste."

Clean by Dr. Junger - "I received this book on my 26th birthday and read it in between clients while I was working at a non-green beauty spa. It opened up my eyes to why I was seeing so many cases of inflammatory skin conditions. I started shifting my views on what to ask in my treatments at this point and it turned my entire practice around. This book kick started my health revolution and after having done the Clean program twice, I’m a firm believer in it’s teachings for my daily nutritional choices."


Think Dirty - "We talk about this app at almost all events we do because it’s an easy way to bring transparency with you if you don’t have access to stores like cap beauty or credo. This app allows you to scan products at nearly every store so that you can see it's toxicity rating. It becomes an educational and fun activity while picking up items on the go without having to worry about potentially harming yourself."

Buycott / donegood chrome extension-  "I downloaded these apps as a reaction to the president elect back in November however it dives deeper than just what products are supported by Trump. It helps me discover where and who my products are coming from. If I get an alert from a site I’m visiting that there is an alternative that is better for the environment and my health, I immediately feel informed and explore the safer options."


@trashisfortossers - "Living a zero waste lifestyle is still something I’m working on which is why I follow Lauren Singer (from Trash is For Tossers, Simply Co. and Package Free shop) for inspiration. As a result of living zero lifestyle, Lauren eats local and makes all of her own beauty products or only products that are sustainably made. I took her workshop in LA last year and she inspired me to make all of my cleaning products, deodorant and toothpaste. I’m saving tons of money and feel much safer with the ingredients that are on my body and in my home." - "As you have seen in previous posts, we have linked some EWG lists as resources for transparency because it is one of the only sites with all the categories we talk about. The have information on everything from baby care to sustainable farming. I feel like I visit this site at least once a day to check on an ingredient."

Over the last two weeks the SFT journal has offered up some advice on what to stay aware of while choosing your food and skincare. So many people tend to avoid reading labels because they were never taught what to look for. Now that you have gained some insights on how to choose your food and skincare wisely based on ingredients, we hope to take it a little further by shedding awareness the overall positive environmental impact of those choices as well. Let us know your favorite resources as well by commenting below. Thanks for reading!