SKIN | Hydration Routine

With each season there is an element that is typically associated with our overall care. Spring is airy while winter feels earthy but summer is all about the water element. Whether it’s our call to beach or the endless amounts of water we consume to stay hydrated, water is the goal. Our skin gets to show off so many of it’s incredible functions during this season by fighting off sunburns, releasing sweat to stay cool and turn over quickly to stay smooth. One of the most confusing parts of our skincare during this time is the hydration concern. Most of us are drinking so much water yet we still can’t seem to feel hydrated. It’s time to talk about the water components in our skincare so we can feel supported during this time and shift our attention to having fun before that back to school feeling takes over.

Hydrating through skincare is often misunderstood since most companies interchange the terms nourish, moisturize and hydrate thinking they can do the same tasks. Your moisturizer is made to seal in the nourishment that your treatment products provide while your toner is the actual hydration step of your routine. Without this step your skin could work over time to balance out the missing link. So here is the proper layering effect for optimal hydration:


Most cleansers are going to raise your skin’s PH level to an alkaline level. Because we want to maintain a homeostasis of having a more alkaline internal PH, we want to try to drop our external PH down to a more acidic level. Our natural level is around a 5 PH so that is why the next step in this process is so important.


Toning the skin sets you up for the most optimal skin success. When you mist your skin with an alcohol, witch hazel and fragrance free mist it immediately starts to help your skin level out to your natural PH level. The water component of your toner, whether it’s hydrosol (flower water) or aloe water will serve as the perfect setup for your treatment step to work efficiently. Without this step, you may feel as though your products just sit on top of your skin instead of fully penetrating. Mist immediately after cleansing and be generous in your sprays. Your skin will feel enlightened with the cooling burst of energy you just fed it.


This nourishment rich part of your routine is essential to changing your skin. This is the food rich part of your daily care that needs the water component of your toner to drive deeply into your skin for proper delivery. Once you’ve added your vitamin rich serum or oil blend onto your skin it’s important to seal it in so that your skin doesn’t have to fight environmental triggers that want to steal the good stuff on your skin.


This is where the moisturizer comes in! Yes, there is an element of hydration here because we can’t seal the skin without a breathable layer but the moisture will essentially just lock in the good stuff. You can follow up with protection in terms of a physical block SPF to help fight off against UV rays.

Each day when you commit to this layered approach to skincare it’s as though you are consuming a well balanced meal for your skin. Your skin can then focus on its tasks of regulating your body temperature and turning over cells. Next week we want to talk about how to hydrate optimally from within so all of your organs can benefit. Until then have a beautiful week and comment below with any questions!