FOOD | Environmentally Affected

The SFT team is made up of LA transplants hailing from all over the country and Canada. We’ve all at one point or another experienced skin effects thanks to our new city, change of climate and the occasional travel. In last week's post, we started to shed some insight on why your skin responds in those environmental changes and how to topically address the imbalances. This week we want to turn our focus on what to do internally to help treat and prevent future flare ups. It’s important to note that while you may do everything correctly, sometimes things just come out on the skin. And that’s okay because it is a sign that the body is working for you! It’s a way for your body to communicate to you where to add in some more support or that the support is working. So let’s get into what that support looks like...

What’s happening internally when your skin has been compromised by environmental effects? Our organs that help rid the body of toxins need to be treated with the utmost respect. This includes our lungs, liver, and kidneys and anything from air pollution, cigarette smoke, and radiation exposure from your last trip to the airport can make these organs go into overdrive. Simply put, when we’ve exposed ourselves to excess pollution (shout out to all our LA and NYC friends), traveled by plane, been in the sun, wind or water our bodies need to be equipped to keep a protective barrier on our skin and added support for our organs to detox.  Once exposed to any of the mentioned or other, our bodies become inflamed and our internal PH level is thrown off if we are not caring for our health and staying in balance. Here's what you can do internally to support yourself:

Food Support

Leafy greens are the cornerstone of good health. One does not go without the other. And why they are so important for environmentally affected skin is because of the support they give to our liver and detoxing the body of pollutants. They have the power to purify our blood, support good lung function, help naturally cleanse the liver and kidney as well as alkalize the body. Bringing our bodies back to homeostasis. We love finding seasonal greens at the farmer's market to keep things interesting. Adding mix greens in a buddha style bowl, steamed with wild caught fish or added to our favorite smoothie.

Foods rich in omegas are also important in helping to build a protective barrier from the inside out. Chia seeds are an SFT favorite for doing just that. Your hair, skin and nails will thank us when the are moisturized and strengthened internally.

Supplement Support

We are just beginning to understand the incredible benefits of sea algae and the added benefits of implementing them into your diet. Chlorella can help reduce inflammation internally as well as cleanse the body of pollutants. Chlorella is loaded with amino acids and minerals to help regulate the body and provided it with nutrients needed to detox and thrive.

Self Care Support

Self care is what connects our external health and internal health together! Dry brushing can help tie what you are doing topically and internally for environmentally skin together. A lot of times toxins are just sitting under the skin waiting to be relieved and our lymphatic system is an important part of the detoxification process. Using a dry brush before you shower a few times a week can not only energize you but get any stagnant remnants out from under the skin. Helping to reduce inflammation internally.

We encourage you to try our suggestions and are excited to add that we will be offering a full environmentally affected skin type program to our site soon! Customization is so important when working on balancing your overall health and if you’ve attended our signature workshop before you know there is so much more to the conversation around environmentally affected skin. We can’t wait to share more with you next week!