FOOD | Water rich foods

We mentioned in our Skin post last week that seasons can be related to elements and summer definitely makes us think of h2o! Whether we are emerging our bodies in water or gulping it down it’s a necessity can be the missing link to achieving hydrated skin along with our layered skincare approach. There are more ways to stay hydrated then just drinking water, although that is one of the most important ways to health and balanced living. Even if it feels boring you can find a favorable water bottle to carry around for a constant reminder to drink up. Knowing all the ways to stay hydrated and cool during the summer can also be an optimal to achieve healthy skin that properly releases toxins, stays flush and plump. Here are a few of the SFT favorite foods and supplements to keep hydrated and beat dehydration.

Hydrate with these foods

fresh cucumber juice - photo by @ estokcreative

fresh cucumber juice - photo by @estokcreative

Cucumbers - Cucumbers are often considered to be an underrated health food. Cucumbers can help with anything from digestive issues, low immunity and de hydration. Juicing cucumbers or adding to a smoothie is such an easy way to obtain their nutrient benefits.

Pitaya or Dragon Fruit - This beautiful, exotic fruit is loaded with as much as 80% of water making dragon fruit is a great option to help get the fluids you need. And not to mention the fun pink color you’ll be adding to your day.

Watercress  - The perfect finish for all salads! Simply dice up some tomato and avocado, dress with a little EVOO and sea salt and you have yourself a beautiful hydrating summer salad.

Celery - This is probably the most well known vegetable high in water content. Juicing celery can be beneficial for those super hot days or days that you’re feeling run down.

Coconut oil and coconut water - Coconut water you may of known about, its a great alternative to gatorade and other sport/power drinks loaded with fructose. Coconut water is loaded with potassium and other minerals to help replenish a depleted body. We love having coconut water after a workout or a day on the beach. Coconut oil also has benefits to helping stay hydrated. It has a high omega content helps the body absorb water that your drinking and getting from other foods. Adding a tablespoon a day to your diet is a great start!


Chlorophyll - While science is still studying all the benefits of Chlorophyll, some experts have said that adding chlorophyll to water helps alkalize it and make it easier for the body to absorb it. Chlorophyll is also known for it's ability remove heavy metals and toxins from water.

Magnesium - Dehydration is often caused back lack of minerals in the body. Adding in a magnesium supplement will help you replenish minerals, absorb other nutrients easier (as you need the help of minerals to do this) and keep you hydrated.

Aloe - Because of its high amino acid and mineral content, Aloe is not only great to put on your skin but to drink. Again the minerals will help replenish the body from dehydration and leave your skin hydrated from the inside out.

A fun recipe we found that’s loaded with hydration!

Dragon Fruit salsa

1 Dragon fruit (Pitaya) cubed

1 green onion, chopped

Cilantro, approx. 5 stems chopped

½ lime for its juice

Optional to add 1 avocado, cubed

Combine all ingredients and mix gently. Serve with chopped celery, radishes or wrapped up in your favorite tortilla.

We hope we inspired you with some SFT approved nutrition for staying hydrated this summer. Next week we'll jump into the topic how to stay informed on the quality of your local water and ways to stay mindful of what's in your water. Comment below with any questions and as always thanks for reading.