SKIN | Beauty and Self Care workshop

At this point you have probably heard about or have gotten a chance to attend our signature workshop. Over the last two year our original signature workshop has continued to evolve because of the inspiration our attendees have given us. Because of all of your questions we have decided to keep the conversation going and continue to create new educational workshop. The SFT beauty and self care workshop came about in the spring of 2016 with the theme of spring cleaning on our minds. Declutter your life and scale back to basics to set yourself up right. But when thinking about all the beauty products we accumulate over time we can start to lose our sense of why we were inspired to purchase that product to begin with. Whether it was a recommendation of your esthetician or favorite beauty blogger, are you using this product just because? We want to change that mindset and help you tune into why you choose the products you choose. Tuning into your intuition when picking out your skincare will help you get to the root of your concerns and also give you an opportunity to connect with yourself.

So how do you intuitively pick out your skincare? It’s much simpler than you think. Have you ever thought about the experience you have with your skincare? The best comparison that comes to mind is when you have a facial and one of the number one things you notice is how effective and aromatic the experience is. The tailored experience of customized facial can completely revive your mind, body and soul - so why not try to recreate the same experience at home. We don’t mean that you need to spend an hour doing a 10 step regimen, because who really has time for that. In order to fully experience the benefits from your skincare you have to remember why you were attracted to it in the first place. If you don’t enjoy the process of using a certain product, you won’t want to use it and your skin will react accordingly as well.

First, take a moment to think about how your skin has been feeling. It’s easy to just pull from the same routine every day but in reality there are so many factors that can change our skin’s chemistry and energy during the day. If you are constantly treating your skin for breakouts but you’re not currently breaking out, that could potentially sensitize you. Take a moment and try to think about what your skin is really feeling. Having that moment of reflection can help you tune into what your skin might be communicating with you. When in doubt, treat gently.

The second thing to think about is scent. Try giving yourself a sensory experience to begin your process with. Pump a little product in your hand, close your eyes and take a deep inhalation. If you are resonating with the scent that means your skin is communicating to you that you are going to benefit from the product. The same is true if something smells off putting. Trust those instincts and adjust your routine accordingly.


Lastly, we want you to really benefit from your regimen because often times it can be your only time to yourself. Use this experience to reconnect with your breath, your skin and your overall energy towards yourself. Find something you love about your skin right away. This will shift your mindset towards the positive and actually help you see the great parts of your skin rather than fixating on the negative. Our eyes can trick us into seeing ourselves in the worst light rather than we actually look like. Shifting the mindset right away will help you enjoy the self care benefits of having a skincare regimen.

With those three points in mind as well as a tutorial on how to cleanse with intention the beauty and self care workshop has grown to be one of our favorites to do. Join us on Monday September 25th for an evening of beauty education as we will combine this workshop with tons of home cooked skin food goodies along with their recipes. Nutrition is such a powerful part of our skin health and with the right ingredient combination you can really make or break your connection to food. We look forward to seeing you there!