TALK | Setting an intention

Summer is officially over and as we shift into the new season we are excited to be wrapping up 2017 with a new intention. Anytime the year starts to wrap up there are so many opportunities to lose your way when it comes to your health. Whether it’s your nutrition, exercise or even your self-care - the non-stop events of the end of the year festivities can set us back to square one with our health goals. Setting an intention is sort of like starting a new year’s resolution, so if you don’t do it right you may end up forgetting the purpose behind it to begin with. So once the new year actually starts we end up feeling sluggish and shamed for our fall and holiday time festivities. In order to maintain a nice balance without the guilt, we want to set an intention with you. Here are a few things we want to continue into the last quarter of the year.


Self-care is the best care. The fall season is full of social gatherings where we end up losing a little bit of our alone time. The evenings you usually scheduled out for book and bath may now be taken over by a holiday party. Find little ways to include a self-loving practice. Our favorite ways to do so would be to keep a grounding essential oil or sage spray with you. Taking a few deep inhalations of a scent can clear your thoughts of all the extra stuff going around you. This can help you when you’re just done socializing with colleagues, friends and extended family members.

Keep the movement going. When the seasons shift we tend to stay in more and layer on the clothes as the weather starts to become chillier. This can lead to a serious decrease in movement which can cause some stagnation in the system. Going for a short walk in the morning, stretching for 10 minutes before bed or investing in a home trampoline for lymphatic movement are easy ways to keep the blood pumping and circulation going. Plus it’ll keep you warm when the weather takes that first serious drop.

If you’re nervous about all the extra booze and sugary treats, consider going on a Pinterest search for healthier alternatives. That way you can be the person at your holiday gathering that has thoughtfully considered the repercussions of how all the excess can lead to the blues and extra lbs. You may inspire others to take a healthy twist on old starchy and sugary classics.

The intention is simple - you’ve worked too hard to balance your skin, nutrition, and overall well-being to backtrack in your progress. It’s very easy to unravel so know that you don’t have to. We’re here for support as the season shifts as well so feel free to comment below with any questions or blocks you are faced with. We're happy to provide as much productive feedback as possible to keep you committed to your intention. 

Tara CurranComment