FOOD | A guide to supplements


Have you found yourself overwhelmed and anxious in the supplement isles or even just thinking about what you should be taking. We certainly have! It feels like each week there is a new must-have supplement out there claiming to be the "it' pill or drink that will cure all your woes. And while that's great and all, we cant fully buy into it (literally speaking, supplements can really blow through a paycheck). Today we want to discuss with you a few supplements and the skin category they relate too and how to navigate and decide whats best for you. 

We believe that supplements are something very personal and should be tailored to each individual's needs + lifestyle. a few factors to think about when deciding what to take: 

1. What are you looking to achieve and how have you been feeling lately? Ask yourself the following questions - Is it more energy you are looking for, something to boost your immune system because you travel a lot, improve your digestion, or other? 

2. When was the last time you had your blood work done, and hormone levels checked? An important step in helping discover if you have any deficiencies. *If you currently take medications, are pregnant, or breastfeeding always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement and/or herb.

3. Do you skip meals? Are you good at getting in lots of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis?  

These are just a few generalized questions to ask yourself. Then you can look at what your day to day is like. Are you good at remembering to take a pill every day, or would you prefer to drink something? Lastly, consulting with a doctor, acupuncturist, nutritionist or another trusted and licensed practitioner can help when making the decision to go on supplements. 

Supplements are broken down into our four skin categories, Environmental, Digestive, Hormonal, and Well balanced:



Good health and glowing skin start in the gut. Our gut is filled with good bacteria helping to support digestion, hormone response and more. Back in the day when we farmed and hunted for our food, good bacteria was everywhere and in everything. Today, more people are eating food that is packaged and processed, and our fruits and vegetables are washed and dried striping a lot of the good bacteria needed. So it is very important to add in a supplement to support the growth of healthy bacteria. People of all ages can benefit from taking a probiotic on a daily basis. 

Favs. Garden of Life take in the AM, before or after food

Well Balanced


Minerals are an important component to support the absorption of vitamins you receive from the food you eat and other supplements. Magnesium is found in food but also is a helpful supplement to take to ensure you are getting enough. We love magnesium to support a healthy response to stress, sleep, and hormonal balance. 

Favs. Magnesium Calm, take 1 tablespoon in hot water at night before bed


B Complex

An important building block for overall health, B vitamins. Great for blood flow, brain function, stress response, strong hair, skin and nails and so much more. Also great for women who deal with painful periods. B vitamins can help regulate and balance out our hormones.

Favs. Pure Encapsulations, take in the morning after food


Milk Thistle

A natural herb, and known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits, and support to the liver. Milk thistle is a great support system to take on a daily basis to make sure our liver is functioning at its best. 

Favs. Liver cleanse by Thorne Research

These supplements are the ones we found helpful to most people. If you are dealing with any type of inflammatory condition refer back to our four skin categories to discover what other supplements and support can help you find balance.