FOOD | Well Balanced




After a nice holiday break we are excited to be back continuing our discussion on well balanced skin, the food portion. A quick recap, over several weeks we have been outlining our 4 skin categories identified in our signature workshop. Our categories include, Environmental imbalance, Gut imbalance, hormonal imbalance, and well being. Our last post covered what to do topically for Well balanced skin and today we will dive into what to do nutritionally.

Well balanced skin does not necessarily mean you never have a break out, blemish, or other, rather you have skin that communicates its needs with you and you are intuitively receptive to understanding its needs. Maybe you have a great skin care routine, or have never had one because you felt you've never needed one. Regardless, to continue on a path of healthy skin, here are our top tips for nutritional support.


  1. Herbs + Adaptogens

Herbs and adaptogens are natures medicine and support to provide a healthy stress response. Thanks to wonderful brands such as Moon Juice and Sun Potion, adaptogens have been having a moment and we are right on board. Adaptogens are extracts of certain herbal plants and support a healthy hormone response to stress, while herbs can provide gentle healing and support to everyday well being. Some of our favorites include:  Ashwagandha, an adaptogen great for stress management. He Shu Wu, a great potion to add to your tea or smoothies for healthy hair, skin and nails. And reishi, a powerful mushroom shown to help support liver detox, boost immunity, reduce allergies and more.   

  1. Eat seasonally

Just as we stated in the skin post, its important to change up your skincare seasonally, its as important to know what's in season food wise. Shop at your local farmers market, get to know the farmers and what they are growing and try to incorporate as much seasonal foods as you can. There is also a beautiful theory around the energetics of eating seasonally and how seasonal foods can help you manage hot summer days to long cold winter nights easily. 

  1. Collagen support

Collagen is an important protein that helps give our skin its elasticity, help replace dead skin cells, and is an important component in helping heal wounds (old and new). Our bodies ability to naturally produce collagen over time decreases and thats why its a great idea to add in nutritional support. Bone broth, dark leafy greens, and fish or lean meat all provide natural collagen. You can also now find supplements by brands such as vital proteins and/or The beauty chef. 

  1. Self care  

Age is inevitable and also a privilege in our eyes. Maintaining healthy practices to take care and thank you body everyday is one of the most important pieces in maintaining well balanced skin. Stress and life can wreak havoc on our bodies and show in our skin and eyes, with self care such as daily workouts, meditation, journaling, or other you can help reduce life's up and downs from wearing on your skin overtime.

Combining our skin tips and nutritional tips for well balanced skin can not only help you glow from the inside out but help support a vibrant, fulfilling life.  Caring for yourself on a daily will you allow you more space to care for others and enjoy the everyday. Stay tuned for next weeks discussion on stepping into balance, mind, body, and spirit.