TALK | Well Balanced



We have spent several weeks now covering our 4 skin categories identified in the signature workshop. You may now be familiar with our format, one week we discuss the skin portion of the category, the next food and nutrition, and the last a talk piece, something more spiritual and/or ethereal. This week we are excited to dive into the last piece (talk) for our well-being category. Whether you feel most familiar with the well-balanced skin category we recently described in a skin post and food post or you found yourself a mix of a few of our categories (Environmental, hormonal, or gut imbalanced) today's post on how to find and keep balance within the mind, body, and spirit has something for everyone .

In today's go, go, go, society, learning how to manage stress is one of the most important things one can do to stay well balanced. Management of stress is an important tool in being well and has an effect on our decisions, food intake, health, and more. Now, we know this is easier said than done, we are not claiming to be experts or say none of us on the SFT team get stressed. However, we have learned a few techniques to support the management of stress, and how to cope when it's all too overwhelming. Here are a few of our best actionable steps one can take to deal with stress and balance your mind, body, and spirit. 

Implement daily self-care practices. This word self-care keeps getting thrown around on every wellness publication and for good reason.  Self-care is a form of self-respect and something that you do just for yourself each day. Our favorite forms to relieve and manage the mind- journaling and/or meditating. If journaling does not come easy, start with morning pages. This is where you keep a notebook next to your bed and upon rising your take 2-5 mins to put pen to paper. You can write out the dream you had, your tasks for the day ahead, list words, or write jibberish until sentences begin to flow. This process helps us get into the subconscious and process emotions. 

Seek support from practitioners and healers, friends and communities. We all feel the same range of emotion, it's just a different experience for each individual. That being said, seeking the support of another is not a sign of weakness but one of strength and courage. Acupuncture is one of our favorite forms of support, Chinese medicine can help balance our chi, and help our bodies cope with stress better through reducing inflammation. It is also a great support for our gut health, which is connected to our brain/emotional health. And when shit really hits the fan, it's a great tool to help relieve the body of pain and stress. Carving out time with friends and/or a like-minded community is also one of importance. To be able to share your journey, listen, and laugh with others is a powerful medicine. Schedule out time to have a dinner with friends, go to a new event in your community, or seek out a new activity where you can learn and grow with others. 

We've only scratched the service here on supportive ways to balance one's mind, body, and spirit. And we look forward to continuing this conversation to help support our community to be the best versions of oneself! We would love to hear what works for you on a daily basis to manage stress, please leave a comment below.