SKIN | Face masks for all skin categories

Keeping up with our "spring clean" theme this month, we couldn't be more excited to share a few of our favorite face masks to go along with each of our 4 skin categories. Face masking is a great way to vamp up your skincare routine, refresh, brighten, and give yourself the perfect solo time for your own little spring clean. 

When choosing a face mask you will want to cleanse your skin first with your favorite cleanser. Then assess what you feel your skin is needing and what skin category you have been resonating with most lately. If you fall into two categories, which is very common you may want to consider multi masking. Multi masking is when you apply more than one type of mask on different areas of the face. So say you fall between hormonal and environmental and you are currently experiencing a break out on your jawline. You may want to apply one face mask to your jawline and another to your cheeks and forehead. Make sense? Ok, let's get into some of our favs. Note that these are just suggestions and you should always patch test before using for best results. 



Herbivore botanicals blue tansy resurfacing mask. This mask is very calming for red, irritated skin and also works as a gentle exfoliator.  Blue Tansy is known for reducing inflammation, which is usually whats appearing on the skin for our environmentally affected skin types. You will also love the willow bark, which helps unclog pores and the fruit enzymes that help slough off any dead skin. 



OSEA red algae mask. This mask is great for drawing out impurities while also helping to calm the skin. It's also great as a spot treatment! The French Illite clay and the red sea algae are star ingredients when paired together, they will help dry up breakouts and also get to the root of the problem. 



May Lindstrom Honey Mud. We love this mask for the raw honey! Honey is antibacterial to help combat breakouts as well as nourishing and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Using this mask will help kill bacteria causing breakouts, rebalance and hydrate the most sensitive skin. 


Well Balanced:

Goop by Juice beauty instant facial

This is no joke an instant facial and so good for brightening and toning the skin. If your feeling like you just need a little refresh before your next facial this is for you!


 Josh Rosebrook Cacao antioxidant mask This mask is loaded with antioxidants and provides just enough stimulation to get the blood flowing. You're skin will thank you!