TALK | Taking inventory, to optimize the health of your skin

This month we are embracing spring to clear out what no longer serves us and make room for optimizing our health and well being. Whether it's through throwing out all the old supplements and products we have let collect dust and never look at, or taking inventory of how we have been treating our bodies. Optimizing your skin health can be as simple as adding in or eliminating a few products, or analyzing what we are eating. Today we want to go over a few simple techniques that you can do at any point in your life, to optimize the health of your skin. 


1. Take inventory of what you have been eating. By keeping a food journal daily, write down what you had to eat, how it makes you feel and if you notice anything happening with your skin either immediately after or the next day.

2. What skincare products have you been using and for how long?  Is it the same routine for years. Or maybe no routine at all, or maybe it's using a lot of new "trendy" products that you don't like the smell of but continue to use anyways. Use your senses to determine what you should use on a daily basis and start replacing old products with a new replacement one by one. Check out our skin posts on each of the 4 skin categories for more suggestions on products and ingredients to look for.  

3. What makeup have you been using? Makeup, in our eyes, is to enhance one's natural beauty and be a creative and fun way to express yourself. Healthy skin does not need to be "covered up" or concealed. Some of you may be cringing at this statement, but we are here to support you to uncover healthy, glowing skin that you are proud of. And during this "spring clean" we would like to challenge you to discard your conventional foundations and concealers, maybe try a more natural product, we love W3ll People, an aloe-based makeup line, or Alima pure, made up of only three ingredients that can actually help improve your skin health. 

4. Leafy greens, some more leafy greens and then some more! This is the secret weapon for glowing skin. And if your experiencing any skin concerns this is the first place to start. One should be eating at least 3 servings of greens a day. For us that's a heaping handful or fistful, either as a salad, added to a smoothie, a green juice, steamed, sauteed, raw cooked, however, you want to add them in just do it.  

Take some time this coming weekend to assess where you're at and if any of the 4 points above resonate. Then make a plan of action, maybe it's adding in more leafy greens and keeping a food journal or maybe it's just discarding some old products or replacing one with a more natural alternative (that you love the smell of)! Share with us below, if you have any "spring cleaning" tips to optimize your skin health.