SKIN | The endless ways to perfect skin

Ah, skin, a constant source of highs and lows. I dealt with acne through my teens and early 20's, then felt semi-secure with how it all looked in my late 20's and now in my 30's I'm stressing over rosacea, and wrinkles. If it's not one thing it's the other as the saying goes.  Our skin, and how it appears to us in the mirror is a never ending up and down relationship.  And what is this all doing to our psyche and confidence? Not a lot of good. It's an added stress, which if we break it down adds to the issues we may be seeing and feeling on our skin. 

Let's take a moment to give ourselves some relief shall we. Skin is the largest organ, we know this. Skin is also our greatest communicator for what is happening internally. So when did the conversation and marketing become so heavy in making us feel shame and the need to buy the latest and greatest products from skincare to make up?! We're not exactly sure, but we do not want to continue on the vicious cycle of feeling down and out. SO, let's get positive and focus on what we can fix, how to feel good in our skin and empowered. 

Step 1:

Make a list of everything you LOVE about your skin. Seriously, get out your journal and write!

Step 2:

Take inventory of the products you use. Do you love the smell of it? Have you been using it for a while or has it been sitting on your shelf collecting dust? Get rid of anything you don't use and don't love the smell of and keep your top favorites.

Step 3:

Take inventory of what you eat on a daily basis. To do this, start a food journal and list out everything you eat in a day and how it makes you feel. After a week or so of doing this, check back and see if you notice any patterns, maybe certain foods that make you feel not that great or maybe you notice you're eating a lot of one thing. Just take note, will get to your plan of attack with food next week!

Step 4:

Start taking a bath for some much needed me time. And when you are done, lovingly apply your favorite, body oil or lotion while appreciating your skin and body. Maybe repeat a mantra while doing this or turn on your favorite music.

It's not all about buying products to feel good in your own skin. While we do love indulgences and there are so many beautiful products out there now, it's important to take the time first to give yourself some TLC and general appreciation. Once we do this, we begin to stay tuned into the needs of our own body and can make mindful, educated decisions when looking for new products. 

What are your biggest skin hang-ups? Comment below, write us on Instagram and let's continue the conversation!