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TALK | Taking inventory, to optimize the health of your skin

This month we are embracing spring to clear out what no longer serves us and make room for optimizing our health and well being. Whether it's through throwing out all the old supplements and products we have let collect dust and never look at, or taking inventory of how we have been treating our bodies. Optimizing your skin health can be as simple as adding in or eliminating a few products, or analyzing what we are eating. Today we want to go over a few simple techniques that you can do at any point in your life, to optimize the health of your skin. 

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TALK | Well Balanced

We have spent several weeks now covering our 4 skin categories identified in the signature workshop. You may now be familiar with our format, one week we discuss the skin portion of the category, the next food and nutrition, and the last a talk piece, something more spiritual and/or ethereal. This week we are excited to dive into the last piece (talk) for our well-being category. Whether you feel most familiar with the well-balanced skin category we recently described in a skin post and food post or you found yourself a mix of a few of our categories (Environmental, hormonal, or gut imbalanced) today's post on how to find and keep balance within the mind, body, and spirit has something for everyone .

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TALK | Digestive health

Wrapping up our conversation on our SFT category of gut imbalanced wouldn’t be complete without diving into the emotional tendencies of the individuals who identify with this category. In our SKIN post, we discussed how our gut is very much an active part of our nervous system and the skin can be a be communicator of what is actually going on when we silence our daily gut signals. It’s very easy to be disconnected from your own body and what it is trying to communicate to you because most of us are not taught that:  

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TALK | Holding Both: the Complexity of Conflicting Emotions

The past two weeks we’ve discussed some of our SFT thoughts on combinations in skincare and diet through food combining. This week, we’d like to touch on the combinations that are experienced and not seen: the combination of conflicting emotions.

At SFT, we believe that as complex and unique individuals, it’s only natural that we experience complex and unique thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout each day. Sometimes, this means that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions appear in opposition to each other, or that “rationally” our emotions aren’t justified. Instead of jumping to the conclusion that you’re somehow not in alignment, judging yourself, or “should-ing” yourself out of your feelings, we believe that you can compassionately hold both sides of conflicting emotions.

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TALK | Hormonal Imbalance

It’s important to recognize the emotional layer in our SFT categories of health. During our Environmental series, we discussed the sensitized emotional barrier that can be a factor when dealing with the elements of an environmentally affected person. And today we would like to discuss the emotional tendencies with those hormonally affected. Meaning, any and all of us. We all have hormones running through us and with this new age of a go go go mentality it can be hard to keep them balanced. So regardless of our best intentions of wanting to lead a harmonious life, our hormones imbalances could lead to a lot of emotional turmoil that can truly make us feel crazy. To better understand the emotional component of a hormonally affected individual we need to start by understanding cortisol hormone levels. Whether you know it or not, we all have experienced a fluctuation in our cortisol levels at several different stages in our lives. Regardless of the daily lifestyle choices we make, how we deal with emotions can spike and deplete these cortisol levels and create symptoms of overall imbalance. 

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