Tara, offers customized one on one consulting for those looking to dive deep into what it means to glow from the inside out.  Based on the skin category you identify most with, Environmental, Hormonal, Digestive, or well balanced, Tara creates a customized plan and guide for you to do to achieve overall glow. There is no quick fix, or cure all in her work, but through guided customized meal planning, supplements, self care, and a skin routine, you are promised to unravel the feelings and skin you have always desired. 

Sessions include:

-Health analysis, a deep look at your overall well being, concerns, goals, and skin health

-customized meal plan, shopping list, and recipes, based on the food combining principles to optimize digestion

-skincare protocol for am + pm, a guide to ingredients and products to use

-self care techniques

-supplement list

-support and accountability from Tara in between sessions

Sessions are 90 mins, in person, by phone or face time


Package of 4 sessions held once a week consecutively